GIA vs IGI: Decoding the Certifications of Lab Grown Diamonds

In this era of increasing popularity of lab grown diamonds, it has brought attention to the need for reliable certificates for proving their validity to the consumers. So, the gia vs igi is a matter of concern.

The gemological institute of America (gia) and the international gemological institute (igi) are two prominent institute to provide certificates for lab grown diamonds.

If you are struggling to make a decision between choosing both of these institutes, then you came to the right post. Here we will decode the certificates offered by igi vs gia. By highlighting their similarities, differences and the facts to consider when choosing between them. Let’s get started.


The gemological institute (gia) is recognized as a leading authority in diamond grading and certification. Its certification mirrors its natural diamond grading system that follow a difficult process for lab grown diamonds. The expert gemologists examine a diamond’s cut, color, clarity and carat weight using sophisticated laboratory equipment.  

The GIA certificate for lab grown diamonds provides exact and comprehensive information about the diamond’s quality. Each GIA certificates has included particular details about the diamond’s shape, carat weight, color grade, clarity grade and any other treatments if applied.

Furthermore, GIA includes a unique number that can be verified online to ensure the authenticity of the certificate.


The international gemological institute (igi) is another recognized institute that provides certificates for lab grown diamonds. The certification process of IGI focuses on by measuring quality and authenticity of the diamond. IGI also assesses the diamond’s 4’CS. The 4’CS include cut, color, clarity and carat weight by a blending of visual inspection and laboratory techniques.

The IGI certificate for lab grown diamonds offer detailed information on the diamond’s features, which includes dimensions, color grade, clarity grade and any other treatments if applied like the GIA. IGI also has a unique IGI report number so that the certificate can be verified for its authenticity online.

Comparison between GIA vs IGI

Both igi vs gia certifications are reliable and widely accepted in the industry of lab grown diamonds, there are a few prominent differences. GIA is acknowledged for its strict grading system and extensive research. It helps to lend the trustworthiness of its certificates. In contrary, IGI certificates are mostly known for being affordable. And it can provide a quicker turnaround time.

Some people argue that GIA certificates carry more weight in the market for their grading criteria. But when it comes to choosing between gia vs igi certificates for lab grown diamonds, it’s also important to consider facts such as budget, the level of inspection and the market value of the certificates. As both of the organizations offer reliable certifications.

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